Wood Products Manufacturing Operative L2

Wood Products Manufacturing Operative L2

Wood Products Manufacturing Operative L2


The broad purpose of the occupation is to produce products from timber. Presenting a wide and varied specification for both external and interior applications, products such as roofing components, windows, doors, door-sets, staircases and other timber items. They cut, layout and assemble materials, working to a specification. Depending on the product, they may install fixtures and fittings, apply finishes and add glazing systems. Wood product manufacturing operatives typically work individually but can also form part of a larger production team and will report to the production supervisor/manager. Workplaces can be wide ranging from small workshops to large state of the art manufacturing facilities. In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with customers, delivery personnel, design office, internal stores and suppliers, depending on the size of the organisation. An employee in this occupation will be responsible for completing their own work to specification, with minimal supervision, ensuring they meet set deadlines. They are responsible for meeting quality requirements and working in accordance with health and safety and environmental considerations.


Duty 1 Prepare a range of machinery, tools and equipment for the manufacturing process.
Duty 2 Operate a range of machinery, tools and equipment to produce wood components and products to specification using a variety of raw materials.
Duty 3 Identify defects with materials and machinery before and during the manufacturing process.
Duty 4 Prepare wood components for the assembly process including sanding, positioning and securing.
Duty 5 Use a range of fixing techniques including joint assembly, installing mechanical fixings and applying appropriate adhesives to form products to the given specification.
Duty 6 Apply stains, sealers and paints to wood products to comply with the specified product finish requirements.
Duty 7 Install appropriate fixtures, fittings and glazing in accordance with the product specification, for example install glass to window or door.
Duty 8 Undertake glazing operations in accordance with the product specification.
Duty 9 Assess for post manufacture and assembly product defects and undertake appropriate rectification work.
Duty 10 Package and store products in accordance with organisational procedures.


Minimum of 1 year, up to 2 years

Maths / English

Apprentices without appropriate English and Maths must achieve these before taking the end-point assessment

End Point Assessment

EPA is the final assessment for an apprentice to ensure that they can do the job they have been training for. EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during the on‑programme stage of the apprenticeship.  These can include observation, test, portfolio review, professional discussion.  EPA is carried out by an independent organization from Didac

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National Delivery within the workplace


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